Parris Island honors the 69-year service of female Marines

Flickr user United States Marine Corps Official Page

A celebration on Marine Recruit Depot Parris Island Monday as they marked 69 years of women serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Women have served in the Marine Corps for 69 years now--and they're getting quite the celebration at Parris Island.

And these women certainly have come a long way.

"It started where women were just in admin jobs or filling a role to free a man to fight,” said First Lieutenant Melanie Salinas.  “From that we've come a long way. Women are now deployed; they're in female engagement teams and getting right there on the front lines."

Additional changes that female military personnel have been able to enjoy includes: no longer being required to wear makeup, attend makeup application parties, and go to tea parties.

Parris Island is the onlybase where female Marines train, so it makes sense that this will be the location of the celebration. On Monday, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island will honor female Marines, their service, and their sacrifice with a day full of events including tours of the island, a morning colors ceremony, and more. 

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