U.S. House votes to axe F-35B engine (update: How the S.C. Reps voted)

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Update February 17: Just two of South Carolina's six House reps voted to trim the funding from the budget.

The two that did vote to eliminate the program were two of our freshmen representatives and of the Tea Party inclined, Tim Scott from the Mount Pleasant-Myrtle Beach area, and Jeff Duncan of the Anderson-Aiken area.

Our four other representatives all voted to fund the engine, Joe Wilson (R), Mick Mulvaney (R), Trey Gowdy (R), Jim Clyburn (D.)

First reporting: In the latest blow yet to the vertical-takeoff capable variant of the F-35, the U.S. House's freshmen Republican united with many Democrats to block funding to the Marine Corps' F-35B engine.

The engine program is far over budget and has also fallen upon party and regional divides as the maker of the F-35B engine is located in a different region, Ohio.

However, in order for the ace to fall the Senate will need to support the move.

Read about what's up at the Marine Corps Times, who has the better report I've seen.

If you haven't been following, know that the F-35B was set to be a big win for the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and that this action is the latest in a string of setbacks.

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