Colbert Busch and Sanford took the largest pool of votes on Tuesday.

SC-1 Primary: Colbert Busch, Mark Sanford, one more Republican advance

Tuesday's results show strong support for Sanford and Busch in their parties, but turnout highlights the challenges before Democrats. 

With a field of 16 Republican candidates, Mark Sanford took a commanding 36.9% of the primary vote for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District.

However Sanford fell short of the 50% mark and will head to a runoff on April 2 against either Curtis Bostic (13.3%) or Sen. Larry Grooms (12.4%).

The second place runoff slot will be decided between Bostic and Grooms pending the results of a state-mandated recount when the difference is less than 1%. Results of that recount are expected by Friday.

In Beaufort County, most areas North of the Broad voted for Marrk Sanford while Hilton Head State Rep. Andy Patrick captured most precincts South of the Broad. 

While Patrick's bid fell short across the 1st Congressional District, he carried more votes than Sanford in Beaufort County, 3,639 to 3,570 out of 12,107 votes.

Things were far more clean cut on the Democrat side where Elizabeth Colbert Busch took 95.9% of the vote in the face of challenger Ben Frasier.

The number of votes cast by all Republicans totalled 53,657 and Democrats received just a third of that, 16,455.

The difference foreshadows the battle that Busch will have against any Republican challenger, highlighted by Sanford receiving 3,357 more votes than Busch while only capturing a third of his party's vote.

Republican results

Keith Blandford (REP)   0.36% 192
Curtis Bostic (REP)   13.32% 7,149
Ric Bryant (REP)   0.16% 86
Larry Grooms (REP)   12.40% 6,656
Jonathan Hoffman (REP)   0.67% 358
Jeff King (REP)   0.39% 211
John Kuhn (REP)   6.47% 3,471
Tim Larkin (REP)   0.73% 390
Chip Limehouse (REP)   6.09% 3,269
Peter McCoy (REP)   1.61% 865
Elizabeth Moffly (REP)   0.99% 529
Ray Nash (REP)   4.67% 2,504
Andy Patrick (REP)   7.04% 3,776
Shawn Pinkston (REP)   0.29% 154
Mark Sanford (REP)   36.92% 19,812
Teddy Turner (REP)   7.89% 4,235
     Total 53,657
Democrat results     
Elizabeth Colbert Busch (DEM)   95.87% 15,776
Ben Frasier (DEM)   4.13% 679

For a more in depth report on the night's numbers, I'll point you to The Post and Courier's report.

Voter turnout was 15.5%.

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