Chanel Gordon on being a model

We asked six models to answer a few questions about who they are an how that shapes thier experiences at Charleston Fashion Week. Here are Chanel Gordon's thoughts. -- We'll be updating these throughout the week, so keep checking back.

A favorite wardrobe inspiration

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Let’s talk about Charleston Fashion Week Two-Thousand and Eight. You will stay in my heart forever. Besides all the excitement surrounding the event, having a team of people to strip you down and change everything about you in 30> seconds is one the craziest sensations on earth. It’s rad to think that backstage there are 60 people yelling, sweating, running, directing, stripping, changing you etc. And then on the runway in front of the stage there is only 1(!!!!) model. Suddenly the cameras start clicking and it is all eyes on you! I will definitely say that all the work involved pays off, enormously.

A favorite fashion experience from the past

Some words of wisdom for aspiring CFW models

I know that there are girls and guys out there that are already thinking about trying out for Charleston Fashion Week 2010. I have some solid advice for all of you. Eat oreos. Stay proportionate. Don’t be bland. Be fierce.

I am so excited about CFW 2009. I hope that the energy surrounding the event, spurns other fashion related events in this creative and talented community. I don’t have any other fashion-related events lined up for 2009, yet. Charleston - watch out!

On designers, preparation, and getting amped

Chanel is consistently elegant, modern and monochromatic.

When I think about who my favorite fashion designer is, I’m going to have to represent with Chanel. Using rags and jersey, little orphan Gabrielle Chanel invented the SUIT! Chanel is consistently elegant, modern and monochromatic. Sometimes, I’m worried Karl Lagerfeld will stray away from Chanel’s je-ne-sais-quoi, but maybe his collar is just too tight. Ha!

In order to look my very best for CFW09, I’ve been eating an uncomfortable amount of oreos. Nothing looks better down the runway than trans fats. It just so happens that every oreo has 3 grams of fat and 2 of them are trans! EUREKA! When I’m not binging on oreos, I practice my walk sometimes as I’m walking down the street.

About my experiences at model rehearsals and in-store fittings

Honestly, I would have tried on every dress at Belle Couture Bridal if they let me.

Filled with advice, excitement, criticism and sprinkled with sarcasm, Ayoka Lucas knows how to put on a show. Honestly, when I go to rehearsals I look forward to her telling me how bad I’m doing. She takes the extra time to ensure that each individual has his/her walk down. Seriously, she wouldn’t let us leave until we did. I feel like I learn so much at each rehearsal, and it makes me even more excited about hitting the runway.

All of my dress rehearsals have been a little different. So far, I’ve had three fittings. Trying on wedding gowns is both terrifying and incredible. Honestly, I would have tried on every dress at Belle Couture Bridal if they let me. I’m also honored to model for Lindsay Carter. Her line of clothes is edgy, modern, and very flattering. She’s also my neighbor! Today I went to my fitting at II Brunettes. If dresses could be soulmates, I think I found mine there. The women there were wonderfully accommodating and creative.

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