Chelsie Ravenell on designers, preparation, and getting amped

We asked six models to answer a few questions about who they are an how that shapes thier experiences at Charleston Fashion Week. Here are Chelsie Ravenell's thoughts. -- We'll be updating these throughout the week, so keep checking back.

My favorite fashion trend for summer 2009 and what I'm rocking now

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I am ready to show off my collection of button up fitted vests over a KB signature tee with a pocket square to tie my outfit together.

I am looking to see again the days when men get up and get dressed to be impressive. When you might choose to wear a vest and tie to run errands over a pair of sweats. I see pictures of these men in their everyday life rockin’ a three piece suit, pocket watch and dress shoes. Who let us men fall off? I am trying to get this look back!

My hightop Puma kicks are where it is at right now. Watch, you will see them in the show!

A favorite wardrobe inspiration

My title line that I use for my own clothing line is, "Inspired by Life." I try to take each hardship and each success and somehow pull it out in my attire. Dressing is art. It is supposed to express to people who we are behind the scenes even if it is visible. You might not understand it always by starring at the finished product, but when you sit back and actually watch the artist while they create you will see and understand the beauty that it possibly beholds.

A favorite fashion experience from the past

One of my first modeling gigs was in New York City and, as I have mentioned before, it was for Express men. It happens to be my favorite because it is when I first realized how much fun modeling can be. After working up a nervous sweat and finally getting my feet on the runway, I immediately tuned out the crowd and tuned into the music. Music has always been a big part of my life, and as soon as I hear the beat on the runway it calms me, and I just cannot help but dance.

Some words of wisdom for aspiring CFW models

Do not ever watch your inspiring model and try to imitate. Walk to their beat, do not steal their steps.

I have already been involved with several photoshoots this year. Most recent was a shoot for The Charleston Place. They have all ranged from local shoots and runways to even possibly being one of the faces for the ipod touch. You heard it here first! Ha!

On designers, preparation, and getting amped

The gym definitely gets to see me a bit more often these days!

Ralph Lauren’s purple label and Double RL line is a personal favorite. Ralph Lauren started out with no training at all, and studying his life and art has been an inspiration to me for my own clothing line. One of my lifetime goals is to hear my clothing line, Kenneth Beatrice, mentioned in the same sentence as Ralph Lauren’s.

The gym definitely gets to see me a bit more often these days! I have an unusual twist on practicing for the runway. I like to look at it like a posed picture. If you practice your smile so much when you get the print it looks nothing like the look you were going after. I like my walk to be fresh and to not look rehearsed. Obviously I have to know the style I am trying to sell for the company and work my walk into that, but to be honest, when I walk the runway my walk is as new to me as it is you.

Music helps me prepare for CFW. N.E.R.D. always gets me up and my focus right. My inspirational DJ is the local Moo Moo. There is nothing better then one of your best friends being able to motivate you not only by words, but with the right music.

About my experiences at model rehearsals and in-store fittings

I am loving the freshness of Billy Reid.

The Charleston Fashion Week crew and volunteers work so hard to make sure CFW is awesome and runs just as smoothly. The rehearsals were well organized and well planned. When I saw I was working under a great crew, all nervousness turned to hyped excitement. Anything planned and managed by Ayoka Lucas is bound to be a success.

For the second year in a row I have really enjoyed working for Biton. I love the way they let me throw in my own flavor and that they make it a priority to have me love what they are having me rock. I am loving the freshness of Billy Reid. I am not sure everyone has been able to check their store on King street, but when you do you are in for a show.

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