Enduring Discomfort and Learning to Push Your Limits

Everyone has a pain threshold. Some of us can take more than others. Some of us can't take much at all.

On one hand there are the people such as Marcus Luttrell (The "Lone Survivor"). He was shot multiple times, experienced a compound fracture in his leg, and fell down a mountain after his 3 comrades were gunned down. Then he walked to another village before being rescued! (This explanation hardly does this hero justice, check out the book or the movie to find out more.)

Let's just say his pain threshold is higher than yours and mine.

Then there are people who can barely run a lap around the track without complaining about a blister or some sort of ache. They have never had to endure physical pain in their lives.

So what separates the two categories? And what does that distinction mean? Today I want to explore some reasons for enduring discomfort and skill of learning to push your limits.

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