Locally made short on roller derby in the south has a premiere date (Update: Full video)

Image by Meta Sapient

Updates are at the bottom:

First reporting: Featuring Charleston's very own Lowcountry Highrollers skaters, "Derby Love," the short film by local photographer/videographer Jonathon Stout (aka BadJon), is about to hip check audiences at the official premiere at the end of the month.

Stout's love of the sport and his respect for the players spurred on this passion project. The film is the moving picture version of this past February's photography exhibit of the same name.

The film, which focuses on the growth of the game in the south via interviews with team members, will premiere at the Olde North Charleston Picture House on October 20th at 8 p.m. Here's more on "Derby Love" from BadJon's blog:

I have been working on a short film with the Lowcountry Highrollers for the past 6 months. It has taken that long because I have wanted to shoot certain members and at certain places and times. There are a lot of skaters in the film that aren’t currently able to skate (either got injured or whatever during the year) or aren’t currently playing for LCHR, but maybe other teams around the area. It shows a growth in the game and isn’t “bout footage” like usual derby videos. It doesn’t include a single second of “bout” footage. It is all conceptual by my self and I pushed the girls to their max to capture the ideas I had. I combine my love for old abandoned buildings and throw my other love of roller derby into it. Just think back to my “Derby Love” art show I had in Feb, and then add moving images to that. I have also used a lot of my favorite artists in the music for the film and have put it together so that it keeps flowing and keeps you interested.

Update October 22: Below is the full video, as released by BadJon just after the premiere. Enjoy!

Derby Love: a short film about roller derby in the south. from BadJon Photography - The Creativ on Vimeo.