Charleston Sports and Social Club winter deadline approaches

Image by Image by Flickr user chasingfun ; video by YouTube user joeygrob1Image by 20090108-dodgeball.jpg I'm wondering if I could convince TeamDigitel to sing up for some ball-throwing fun ...

Do you like dodge and/or smacking things? Do you like socializing?

Well, the Charleston Sports and Social Club draws more than 3,300 people each year, and their signups for winter sports (dodgeball and volleyball) close on Tuesday, January 20.

Fees for and individual are $50. Hop over to their site to signup. The games start February 2.

The program's success has also trickled up to The Post and Courier, who has an article discussing the club and their success.

Their summer signups for kickball, football, and softball are also open and end on March 27. Those games start April 13. The City of Charleston also has their own adult leagues.