Brawling babes battle for boobs at SBB

Flickr user Ian_hammond
note: There is absolutely no guarantee that these two will be there....

Ladies, have you always wanted a little more but just didn't have the cash? Are you a pretty good fighter? Well Suck Bang Blow might have the answer for you.

On Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 7 p.m. Suck Bang Blow Four Corners will be hosting Boxing for Boobs. Join them as local girls fight it out for their titillating ultimate prize: a set of new, um, assets. Mad Max of Rock 107 will be there as three judges score each fight. The fighters will be given the proper protective gloves and head gear; each fight will consist of 3-1 minute rounds.

SBB asks that the boxers don't kick and please no professional fighters. To fight your way to a new chest just head over to and fill out the contest entry form. We're not sure just how Foxy this boxing will be, but we're sure it's gonna be a spectacle.