Waccamaw Riverkeepers Adopt-a-Landing program gets community involved

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If you grew up west of the waterway like I did there is one thing that bonds us together, the love of the river. Known for its dark murky waters, the local area watershed provides an amply supply of fun, sport and relaxation. The river system has given us so much over the years now it's time we did something for her.

An Adopt-a-Landing program was recently launched by The Waccamaw Riverkeepers of the Winyah Rivers Foundation. As an ongoing effort to cleanup and promote stewardship of public boat landings in Horry and Georgetown counties, the Adopt-a-Landing program aims to get local groups and organizations involved in keeping our rivers clean and healthy by adopting a local boat landing. 

Jennifer Sellers over at My Green Glasses has a full write-up on the program. She is passionate about sustainability and conservation within our environment and we applaud her efforts. 

For more info about Winyah Rivers Foundation and The Waccamaw Riverkeepers check out their website at winyahrivers.org. They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

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