Folly Beach's beach businesses could see regulation

Image by Flickr user toddnevilleImage by 20080729beach.jpg Ah, a picture perfect trip to the beach. So, why not buy something while you're there.

Business operating on the sand at Folly Beach could see more regulation if the town proposed ordinance get passed.

Not only is the town seeking to find creative ways to generate revenue during the economy's slump, but it sees the move as a proactive step from the beach becoming overwhelmed with peddlers.

ABC News 4 covered the development:
To avoid that, the city officials came up with a franchise ordinance that would help them raise revenue and solve a hovering problem on the beachfront.

"Our beach right now, anything goes, we have been lucky that we haven’t had a lot of people pushing the envelope and we’ve been able to have policies that have kept intense business use off our beaches, but there's nothing at this point to limit business activity anywhere on our beach," said Folly Beach City Council member, Laura Beck.

The ordinance is slated to get its first reading in September.

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