S.C.'s unemployment dips 0.1% in September; Charleston does better

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The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped slightly from 11.1 percent in August to 11 percent in September.

The Charleston metro area managed to do better, dropping from 9.5% to 9.0% unemployment.

Both numbers help reverse the state's unsettling trend of rising unemployment, unemployment that climbed to the fourth worst in the nation.

In Charleston Count proper, unemployment went from 9.4% to 8.5%; in Dorchester 9.1% to 9.0%; and in Berkeley from 10.0% to 10.1%.

For the fifth straight month, the state’s labor force increased and is now estimated at 2,169,414. September saw a rise in employment of 7,061, bringing the total number employed up to 1,931,654 — but that's still a percentage decrease compared to the total work force size.

Increases were recorded in Government employment (+9,700), mainly in education services, and professional and business services (+2,400). As is usual this time of year, leisure and hospitality experienced a drop (-12,200). Declines were also seen in trade, transportation, and utilities (-4,400) and manufacturing employment (-2,000).

You can read the SC Department of Employment and Workforce's full news release on South Carolina's jobs here.

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