Spring brings foreign student workers

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If you've lived in Myrtle Beach a couple seasons, you've noticed an influx of young college age kids flooding the town for work.

However these workers aren't from the surrounding cities or states, most are here on a J-1 Visa and are temporary workers. Hailing from Eastern Europe and more recently South Korea, these workers come here not just for school credit; but for money to buy the coming school years supplies -like relatively inexpensive computers that in places like Russia are virtually unobtainable with a similar job or skill set.

WPDE News Channel 15 was recently asked via Facebook if it was fair for these workers to be coming here to work when South Carolina unemployment is at a very high 10.5% this past January.

Head on over to CarolinaLive.com for the full story, including how tax breaks may be the reason some local businesses choose to hire J-1 Visa workers.


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