CARTA looks to recoup $400K by axing Mt. Pleasant to islands service (update: alternate deal)

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Update February 17: Three modified service routes are hitting Mount Pleasant.

The idea is to give Mount Pleasant more fixe regular routes while still allowing for some flexibility, especially during peak beach months.

The Post and Courier has the rundown on what's up; take a read here.

Update January 20: The expensive Route 401 service is to be cut and replaced with a duo of a smaller less expensive, more targeted service and an expanded Route 40.

That's according to this report over at The Post and Courier, who says the deal was struck to save costs but not amputate service to Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, and the Isle of Palms.

Update December 16: The Post and Courier is reporting that the bus route has been spared the budget axe.

However they're going to continue to see what alternatives they can do that won't cost the system $40,000 a month.

Read the paper's report here.

First reporting November 18: The "flex" bus route between Mount Pleasant, Sullivan's Island, and Isle of Palms is on the chopping block as CARTA board members continue to look for ways to cut costly services -- the router runs a hole of some $460,000 per year.

The move is meeting some resistance from board members though.

The Post and Courier has a story on this latest development; take a read here.

Recently CARTA had to cut several area services this year to make up for a $1 million budget shortfall, and hiked fares.

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