Nearly $1 billion in stimulus has been spent by S.C. (updated: About partisanship)

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Update January 8:

The Post and Courier has followed on the announcement, and while there's little more factual evidence in their piece, it does show the nasty partisan divide that surrounds the stimulus money.

Take a read here.

As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Comptroller Richard Eckstrom, the person who heads up the agency that released the report, is a Republican.

First reporting:

State agencies have spent $1 billion in federal stimulus dollars, with nearly half going to health and human services. Still concern remains about what will happen as the funding dries up midyear and state revenue remains low.

The State has a brief but succinct piece on the matter; read it here.

ABC News 4 has a full copy of the release including more details on where the money has been spent so far.

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