To combat illiteracy, Trident Literacy is ready to burn their entire library

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What if I were to tell you that there was a massive book burning about to take place in the Lowcountry and only you could stop it?

In an attempt to increase literacy in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties, Trident Literacy Association is prepared to burn their entire library.

Backward thinking? Not quite.

Trident Literacy Association is burning books because fewer and fewer people are able to read them. 465,000 residents in South Carolina are illiterate, with 20% of the adults in the Lowcountry contributing to that statistic. However, there is a way for you to save your favorite books and help stamp out illiteracy in our community.

With a monetary donation, you'll be able to save your favorite book from the fire. You can be the reason your most inspiring, memorable, or life-changing book lives on to ignite the passion of reading in another.

To take part in this inspiring event, make a donation at the Lowcountry Book Burning web site.

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