South Carolina gets aggressive about high-paying jobs

Image by S.C. LegislatureImage by 20080729_job_plan.jpg The "Pillars for Success." With a name like that how could the plan not be gold?

Using the chance to lampoon Gov. Mark Sanford, members of the state Legislature unveiled a plan aimed at creating more high-paying jobs in South Carolina.

The Post and Courier quotes Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman, R-Florence, as saying, "After observing the actual results over the past several years, it has become painfully clear that this administration simply doesn't care about creating jobs for our people."

Whether it's an election ploy or not, the plan aims to focus on growing jobs in manufacturing, tourism, and the "knowledge economy" by asking the S.C. Research Authority to create a "Knowledge Sector Council" to advise on how to spend money to draw and grow business and analyze the effectiveness of past efforts to grow jobs.

Essentially, the new plan creates a committee to create new plans. But, at least it's movement, let's hope something comes from it.

Ah, government. Read more about the topic from The Post and Courier.

For what it's worth, the state's unemployment in June was 0.7% above the national average of 5.5%, according to S.C. Politics Today.

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