Horry-Georgetown Technical College Sharks? (Update: HGTC going to the dogs)

Photo by Gustav Eloy Zavala Armas

Update 5/17: According to the HGTC's Facebook page Gizmo the Dog is going to be the new spokesman for the school. To top it off they have a blog to go with it. 


First report: Nope, this is not a new Ripley's Aquarium exhibit. HGTC administration polls students and faculty on new mascot options.

A Wednesday, April 20th email to students and faculty at HGTC sought feedback about "college affiliation and student life." The surveymonkey link asked participants if they would like for the college to have a mascot or not. 

The open-ended question was followed by two lengthy lists. The first asked student to pick desirable mascot characteristic including options like "tenacity," "power," "intellect" and "innovation."

The next asked survey-takers to select their top three mascots from the following list:

  • Sharks
  • Wave
  • The Surge
  • Water Dogs
  • Sea Lions
  • Dolphins
  • The Brigadiers
  • Hurricaines
  • Anglers
  • Pirates
  • The Rush
  • The Rays

More importantly, does this mean that HGTC will develop some athletic programs? Possibly. The final question calls for suggestions about possible intramural sports. 

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