Three escaped inmates recaptured

Update 2, July 29: The Post and Courier reports that all three escapees have been captured. The third inmate, Julius Clifton Barfield, was recaptured Monday evening after a tip was called in.

Update July 28: ABC News 4 reports that two inmates who escaped from Charleston County Detention Center have been caught. David Speight and David Evans, who allegedly went on the run after kitchen duty Saturday night. A third inmate, Julius Barfield, escaped the same day and is still being sought. Authorities don't think the two cases are related.

Original story: Two men are suspected of breaking out of the Charleston County Detention Center after their shift in the kitchen, while a third just never returned from his work-release job at an auto paint shop. It was a busy Saturday night, apparently.

David Spate and David Evans were found missing about midnight during a security check. Authorities think they escaped on the way back from the facility's kitchen, where the two worked.

From Live 5 News:

Officers say after all the work in the kitchen was done, eleven inmates were driven in a van like this back to their housing area. It took an hour and a half before officers found out two people were missing.

The jail administrator says 30-year-old David Speight and 39-year-old David Evans had escaped.

"We use the van because it's the most secure option, and it would have been this time too had we followed our own procedures," (jail administrator Mitch) Lucas said.

Authorities are also on the hunt for Julius Barfield, as NBC News 2 reports:

Authorities are also looking for a third inmate, Julius Clinton Barfield, who was in jail for child support. Officials say Barfield went to work release at around 8pm Saturday night and did not return. Authorities say he has been in jail since October 7, 2007, and only had a few months left on his sentence. He is also now considered an escapee.

The price of an escape attempt? 10 years added to your sentence.

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