What does the stimulus package mean for the Charleston area?

Image by White House photo by Pete SouzaImage by 20090217-recovery.jpg President Obama walks with Today Show host Matt Lauer on the state floor of the White House on Super Bowl Sunday. During the interview, the President discussed the stimulus package.

With the $787 billion economic stimulus bill to be signed today, the obvious question is arising: What's it mean for our community?

Well, The Post and Courier has done the first of what will likely be many such stories on the bill's impact in the Lowcountry.

It's hard to know where the money will trickle to given that the money will often be sent to federal and state agencies that will pick a final destination. But what you can expect among other things: tax cuts, an upswing in the housing market, more money for social programs, more money for education, and more money for mass transit programs.

Is The Post and Courier's article long-winded and written for your grandpa? Probably. Should you suck it up and take your medicine? Probably.

Go take a read.

Meanwhile, The State attempts to address some questions on what the money means for the state of South Carolina.

And, if you want to know what's in the bill in more detail, this New York Times graphic does a great job distilling the numbers.

Update February 17, 1:30 p.m.: The Charleston Regional Business Journal posted a tweet that really drives an interesting point: "For what S.C. is getting in federal stimulus $$$ for infrastructure, you couldn't build one Ravenel Bridge ... four years ago."

You have to wonder if 6 months from now we'll be hearing that the stimulus package wasn't big enough.