Despite a loss, first Highrollers bout a fantastic time (updated)

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Update in the links at the bottom.

Though they lost in the end, the Lowcountry Highrollers first home game proved a fantastic time in front of a sell out crowd.

Read more stories on this subject in our roller derby topic page. We were there trying to understand exactly what was the difference between a blocker, pivot and jammer.

After a few laps, we got to grips with the basic rules: The all-female skaters are in packs of five, but only one (The Jammer) can score by lapping around members of the opposing team.

Blockers of the other team try to stop the jammer while pushing their own girl forward to also possibly score a couple of points.

And the pivot acts as a pointer for the team -- she calls the plays and controls the speed of her team.

If you really want to learn the game, this video provides a pretty good, factual overview.

Check out our video (above) and audio-slideshow (below) to soak up the atmosphere.

Charleston led at the end of the first of three periods 30-25, but the Sirens came back strongly and the final score was Lowcountry Highrollers 60, Soul City Sirens 91.

Other media finds:
Carolina Nightlife offers 29 pictures from the match.
Local Mike Ledford has a really good Flickr set from the game.
The Charleston City Paper has added a bunch of pictures and promises a video soon.
As promised, the City Paper has published their video. This one focuses largely on the bumping and bruising of roller derby.
Update March 25: Brennan has a bunch of good ones to her Flickr page. She's got some really nice ones in there.
We'll be adding to this. Share your links in the comments below.

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