Myrtle Beach area single-family home prices fall in January, but experts not worried

The median price paid for single-family homes along the Grand Strand in January slipped by 3.4 percent from December 2014 and was down $10,000 per home to $180,000 since November, but the statistic drew a ho-hum from one area real estate watcher and a near complete lack of attention from another.

“January and February have been excellent for us,” said Marvin Heyd, president of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

“One month (with a downturn) is OK,” said Todd Woodard, president of SiteTech Systems. “Two is OK. Three is when you begin to think something is going on.”

The figures generated by Woodard’s company showed that single-family inventory grew 7.8 percent in January, indicating that sellers have confidence in the market, and that 9 percent more homes sold this January versus the same month a year ago.