Myrtle Beach moratoriums regulating bars, encroachments in place more than two years

A club owner had to change plans and a Myrtle Beach resident almost couldn’t move into his home because of two moratoriums that have been in place in the city for more than two years.

Myrtle Beach officials said they plan this winter to look at a moratorium that stops residential encroachments such as placing landscaping in the shoulder of public roads. However, there are no plans to lift the temporary measure in place that keeps business licenses from being granted to large bars or nightclubs downtown.

“We probably use moratoriums to get control of bad things if we need to,” Councilman Randal Wallace said.

Danny Karam, owner of the new hookah bar Ibiza Club and Lounge, said original plans were to open a nightclub in the 9,000-square-foot space he and his business partner are renting in the Super Block area of downtown Myrtle Beach.

When the city informed him of a moratorium, he had to rethink his plans.