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10:29 am on Saturday March 23, 2013

City looking to fix traffic woes at Beaufort Elementary School

Traffic in part of downtown Beaufort can thicken as parents drop and pick up their kids from Beaufort Elementary School, and city planners are looking to change traffic flows to fix the situation.
7:05 am on Friday February 10, 2012

Beaufort Elementary Montessori program to grow next year

Flickr user Michael of Scott Beaufort Elementary School's Montessori program has been quite the success--in fact, it's so successful that it's expected to double in size next year. What exactly is a Montessori program? It puts the focus on hands-on...
4:00 am on Wednesday January 19, 2011

Beaufort Elementary schedules meeting to discuss new Montessori program

Flickr user valilouve As we told you last month, the Beaufort County School District has approved plans to add two Montessori classrooms at Beaufort Elementary School, creating another school choice program there. In light of that, the school...