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11:36 am on Monday December 7, 2009

Summerville man relieves himself in convenience store

Image by Flickr user bre pettisA Summerville man was charged with indecent exposure when he was caught urinating into a cup in the middle of a Ladson convenience store. After being told the restroom was occupied, the man simply could not hold it any...
10:11 am on Monday November 30, 2009

Star Gospel Mission hands out $50,000 in Piggly Wiggly gift cards

Image by Flickr user afilerImage by 20091130-pig.jpgThe doors slid open at 7:30 a.m. this morning and by 9 a.m., 1,000 Piggly Wiggly gift cards totaling $50,000 had been distributed to some very patient customers. The giveaway was organized by The...