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3:59 am on Thursday November 5, 2009

S.C. Medicaid limiting doctor-hopping patients to one pharmacy

Image by Flickr user jsrcyclistImage by 20091105-pills.jpg The South Carolina Medicaid agency is requiring a one pharmacy lock-in for patients suspected of doctor-hopping. Get this, a pilot project saved taxpayers $6,700 per patient in just nine...
2:51 am on Monday September 21, 2009

Video from the 20 hour art lock in at Eye Level Art

Image by 20090908-ela.jpg On Friday, September 18, Eye Level Art locked up 20 artists for 20 hours to see what they could come up with.
4:53 am on Wednesday September 16, 2009

20 artists taking part in a 20 hour lock in

Image by Geoff Marshall / The DigitelImage by 20090908-ela.jpg On Saturday, September 19, Eye Level Art will be locking 20 artists in their gallery for 20 hours. To celebrate the emergence of the artists and their work, Eye Level Art will open...
8:45 am on Monday July 6, 2009

Twelve hour artists 'lock in' art exhibit

Image by 20090706-lockin.jpg On August 1, Fr3sh art space invites nine local artist to create a minimum of 3 works 'locked in' a vacant apartment at 6 Pitt Street during a 12 hour period. The 'lock in' will be immediately followed by an exhibition...