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1:52 pm on Tuesday December 23, 2008

Charleston parking ticket writer dispatched to ticket own vehicle

Image by Flickr user planetschwa Image by 20081223-loading-zone.jpg Parking enforcer: What rules? I see no rules. The scenario goes like this: A paralegal working in an office on State Street called and reported a car parked more than 30-minutes in...
6:09 am on Tuesday December 9, 2008

Parking fines, ticketing have been very good to Charleston's budget

Image by Flickr user Sean FutureImage by 20081209-parking-ticket.jpg Money in the bank. A proposed hike in the city's parking ticket fee from $8 to $14 is up tonight, and The Post and Courier thought it would take a quick look at how well nearby...
3:18 am on Thursday November 27, 2008

Charleston dipping into reserves, hiking parking fees

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by 20081126-parking.jpg The Post and Courier's David Slade on Charleston's 2009 budget: There will be no tax or fee increases next year, but the city does plan to raise the cost of parking tickets at expired...