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12:28 pm on Saturday February 12, 2011

Charleston's Sermet's restaurant opens spot on Daniel Island (update: review)

Image by Flickr user Graduated LearningUpdate February 10, review: Well, it took six months, but finally someone got around to reviewing Sermet's Courtyard. Deidre Schipani made it out for Charleston Scene and has a generally good review and offers...
11:25 am on Friday October 15, 2010

Sermet's Courtyard to open later this month on Daniel Island

Image by Sermet's CourtyardIf you're a fan of Sermet's Corner, then you'll be excited by the news that Sermet Asland will be opening a second restaurant, Sermet's Courtyard, on Daniel Island. After 15 years at a downtown spot on King Street, Asland...