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2:05 am on Monday August 18, 2008

How to live with the Lowcountry's spiders

Br-recluse-guyBrown recluse Wikipedia Brown widowFlickr user Care SMCBlack widowFlickr user Joe ShlabotnikGolden silk spider Flickr user elvissaOrchard spiderEvery year at this time, the Lowcountry is teaming with spiders. And The Post and Courier...
6:14 am on Saturday July 26, 2008

Spiders invade Summerville home

Image by Flickr user cordfishImage by 20080726spider.jpg If you see one of these guys hanging around, I don't recommend trying to make friends. Brown widow spiders might not be that unusual in the Lowcountry, but when you find them all over your...