The Lowcountry has been growing local and flavor filled produce like these from Brant Family Farm for years upon years.

Farm to table dining out growing in the Lowcountry

Chef Russell Keane has converted the old Bluffton Upper Crust into a new farm-to-table restaurant, NEO, a "farm to table gastropub".

The Island Packet's Justin Paprocki covers the transformation, writing in part:

Keane is a veteran of the Hilton Head Island area restaurant scene, having spent time at WiseGuys and Daniel's Restaurant & Lounge before opening his own place. NEO came about because Keane wanted to start a true farm-to-table gastropub. Places such as Husk or FIG in Charleston have found fame because of menus featuring Anson Mills grits, Carolina gold rice, vegetables grown just miles away. In other words, a strict local-only mentality.

With the work of Charleston chefs getting so much attention, as diners it will be interesting times to see how others play off these ideas — in short, who can draw inspiration an be driven further by concepts such as sourcing inherently fresher and more character filled locally sourced ingredients and who is boxed in.

I've not yet tried NEO, anyone care to comment on how it compares to the likes of Husk or FIG?