Jobs in South Carolina aren't so hard to get, if you have the skill


While the overall South Carolina job market continues to try and break away from 10% unemployment, the the jobs scenario for skilled labor is far more promising.

Cited as particular bright spots on South Carolina's job market are manufacturing, health care, nuclear, and aeronautic sectors.

The State has a general profile up about the scenario; take a read here.

But to tap into these fields there's one common thread: education. And that's something that has been lacking in commitment for the South Carolina government. Most recently the state rejected $144 million in federal dollars for education and has shown an ongoing reluctance to support higher education.

To back up the sentiment that South Carolina needs to focus on schooling as much as job recruitment, I'll cite a 2009 study from the USC Moore School of Business that stated our state could expect a return of $11 for every $1 spent on higher education, and in 20 years the return would be $25 for each $1. 

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