Attorney defends past actions regarding release of information

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Editor-in-Chief of the Island Packet, Fitz McAden, has a well written and fascinating article in the Saturday, May 28, edition of the newspaper that catalogues the continued tug-of-war between local news agencies and Lad Howell, one of the county's top attorneys.

According to the article, Howell was asked in 2008 to release under South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act the disciplinary records of two paramedics who worked on a case in which a Bluffton man's death may have been able to be prevented. Howell went on record saying the two men had no past disciplinary problems, although further questions were raised when it was revealed that they had at one time, each been given official warnings prior to this event.

To read that article and Howell's explanation of events, follow this link.

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