2011 Spoleto poster announced

With the usual bit of fanfare, the Spoleto Festival USA has announced the poster of the 2011 season.

This year's is by 50-year-old Argentinean Guillermo Kuitca and titled "Acoustic Mass I (Covent Garden)." The poster is built from electronically adapted images, then processed through water treatments meant to convey the "acoustic and dramatic energy that is heard, felt, and seen in a theater." 

I'll shoot you over to The Post and Courier for some press-releasy hashing of the poster's design; read it here.

Given last year's design, it seems a sure thing this year's "flap over the map" (as I've now dubbed all Spoleto poster debates) will surely be lesser.  

You can see more of Kuitca's work over here, past posters here, and get oodles of past Spoleto coverage over here as we head into the 2011 season. 

The 2011 season runs May 27 to June 12.