S.C. near the bottom when it comes to High School graduation

Flickr User: scot2342

In light of yesterday's awesome news that the Horry County Schools class of 2012 earned $48.6 million in scholarships comes some statewide news that is just depressing. 

via FITS News:

South Carolina now graduates 61.7 percent of its public school students, the third-worst mark in the country. Only Nevada and New Mexico – states with high immigrant populations – graduated smaller percentages among the fifty states. Meanwhile Mississippi – a state that frequently scrapes the bottom of the barrel with South Carolina on any number of measurements – graduated 62.2  percent of its students in 2009, while Georgia (62.7 percent), North Carolina (68 percent), Alabama (69.2 percent) Florida (70.4 percent) and Tennessee (75.5 percent) also outpaced us.

Nationally, 73.4 percent of high school students graduated on time.

High education standards in this state have been a struggle for a long, long time.  B=No wonder we can't have nice things South Carolina. 

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