Dexter's Laboratory at Horry-Georgetown Technical College

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Students with dreams of becoming the next Dexter Morgan gathered in the Crime Scene Lab at Horry-Georgetown Technical College to learn blood stain pattern analysis.

Wearing a white CSI suit and cap, its sheer whiteness accented only by the bright red splatter of fake blood, criminal justice professor Jeff Scott stood in front of a pulled curtain masking the crime scene. 

The educational activity was part of coursework for students enrolled in the criminal justice program and is aimed at giving future investigators and police officials’ hands-on experience with analyzing causes of death. Given Scott’s pose for the cameras, it appears that the fictional victim was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat—certainly not the Ice Truck Killer (for you Dexter fans).

Program Chair Dr. Dan Wysong was on hand to explain the program and the activity to other local media. In an interview, Wysong emphasized the program’s strength in giving students opportunities like these to learn hands-on.

Currently, HGTC offers Associate’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Crime Scene Investigation. For more information, check out the program website. If you are interested in applying or have other questions, you can email Dr. Wysong at

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