Local indie film maker starts second crowdfunded project

After successfully completing his last project, "Dolls for Strangers", Myrtle Beach area filmmaker Ken Cohen is ramping up another short film called "My Face" and he's looking for your help.

Lacie and Josh are perfect for one another, but Lacie is not attracted to him.  In order to try and make it work, Lacie agrees to let Josh wear a custom made mask designed around the features of her past lovers.  But Josh decides to throw some of himself in it to make her subliminally attracted to him.

Cohen is once again using Indiegogo to coordinate the effort. You can see more and donate here. While crowdfunding can be a slightly risky venture, Ken has already demonstrated he can carry out a project to completion. To be able to do that on a shoestring budget while spinning plates and herding cats is pretty impressive.