Murrells Inlet woman to compete on MasterChef (Update: Ramsay hates Grits)

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Update 6/11: Things didn't work out so well for Phillips. Head on over to The Sun News to read their post-show interview with Phillips.

Above, is the first episode of this seasons MasterChef via HULU. Phillips first appears around the 9:50sec mark and Gordon Ramsey's comment towards Phillips come at the 10:25sec mark

For your convenience we have the video all cued up just before Alice D'Antoni Phillips appearance.

First Report 6/6: Retired teacher, Alice D'Antoni Phillips has set her sights on a new career and it starts with getting yelled at by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

Phillips is one of the contestants on the second season of Fox's MasterChef, an amateur competition cooking show. Alice D'Antoni Phillips was selected as only one of 100 amateur   chefs across the country and she will be featured on this seasons premier, Monday and Tuesday at 8pm.  Phillips says that growing up, she was always in the kitchen with her mother and says that she shares the same cooking style with her mother and grandmother.

 Gina Vasselli of The Sun News has the full write-up on Phillips, including her upbringing in West Virginia and how the tragic 1970 plane crash that killed  the Marshall University football team directly effected her. 


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