St. Patrick's Day menus from across the Grand Strand

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We all know what we're supposed to eat on the day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - corned beef, cabbage, and of course Guinness (it's a food). Which Myrtle Beach restaurants offering the Irish delicacies?

As always, Myrtle Beach Restaurant News (MBRN) is keeping a running list of Grand Strand eataries that will be offering special menus and special prices on this holiday. So far, MBRN has a list of ten establishments that are offering some Irish goodies. From Fibber's on the Water's Corned Beef and Cabbage special for $12.95 and pints of Guinness' for $4.00 to Kaminsky's New York Deli's delicious Irish Soda Bread that is available now. Longbeard's is also offering a Corned Beef special but they are really hoping that last years surprise guest, the Irish Bagpiper shows back up. 

Head on over to Myrtle Beach Restaurant News for the full list of restaurants offering delectable specials, and don't forget to wear green! 

If you're more of a homebody and or want to make the Irish treats for your family you can find some St. Patrick's Day inspired recipes over at and, but our favorite corned beef recipe comes from our friends over at

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