Documenting the 'War on Terror' at the Halsey

Image by Stacy PearsallImage by 20090122-war-on-terror.jpg An Iraqi Army Soldier Prays before Conducting a Raid, Old Baqubah, Iraq, 2007.

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is presenting a collection of photographs documenting the "War on Terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, on February 27, the Halsey will show the film "Full Battle Rattle" the "story of a real war and a fake town."

Khalid at Checkpoint"Khalid at Checkpoint" from Full Battle Rattle.Here's info from an e-mailed press release:
The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and The Center for the Documentary at the College of Charleston will present the exhibition, War on Terror: Inside / Out—Photographs by Christopher Sims and Stacy Pearsall from January 23 through February 27, 2009. On January 23rd, prior to the opening reception from 5 – 7 p.m., Sims and Pearsall will give individual lectures at 4:00 and 4:30 p.m., respectively, in Room 309 of the Simons Center for the Arts. To close the exhibition, the Halsey Institute will present the film Full Battle Rattle on February 27 at 8 p.m., also in Room 309 of the Simons Center. These events are FREE and open to the public.

Curated by Halsey Director, Mark Sloan, this exhibition juxtaposes the work of two artists focused on different aspects of the War on Terror. Christopher Sims’ photographs capture simulated Iraqi and Afghani villages in the United States, where troops train prior to their overseas deployment; while Pearsall, a military photographer, shows American troops on the field in Iraq and Afghanistan. Timed to coincide with the beginning of Barack Obama’s first term as President, this exhibition provides a glimpse into two worlds we have had very little access to since the War on Terror began. According to Sloan, “These photographers show us aspects of what life is like for the U.S. soldier from training to battlefield.” ...

The screening of Full Battle Rattle on February 27 at 8 pm in Room 309 of the Simons Center will close the exhibition. This feature documentary, created by Jesse Moss and Tony Gerber, is the story of a real war and a fake town. Set in California’s Mojave Desert, the U.S. Army has built a virtual Iraq where Army units spend three weeks inside the simulation before deploying to Iraq. The film follows an Army battalion, as they attempt to quell an insurgency and prevent the mock village of Medina Wasl (also a location where Sims has photographed) from slipping into civil war.

Head over to the Halsey's Web site for loads more info and sample imagery.

The Halsey Institute is located within the Simons Center for the Arts at 54 St. Philip Street. Gallery hours are Monday to Saturday from 11 to 4 pm or by appointment.