Hotter 'n heck: Who's got the spiciest chicken wing in Chucktown?

Image by Flickr user sausagekingofseattle Image by 20090808-wings.jpg Hot hot wings, AKA "Spicy death from the inside."

I'm not quite sure why you would send someone who doesn't like wings to find the spiciest of the miniature chicken delights, but still, Elizabeth Laseter's piece "In search of the hottest wings in Charleston" has some merit.

However she only went to three spots in Charleston: D.D. Pecker's Wing Shack, Parson Jack's Cafe, and Wild Wing Cafe. And there's at least one glowing exception from this bunch: The Kickin' Chicken.

So, dear reader, I ask you: What's the hottest chicken wing in Charleston? And be sure to note if it's listed on the menu or if you have to ask the server for a special hot sauce.

If we can get a good list going, maybe we can do our own set of trials.

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