Slow Money Alliance Establishing a SC Chapter - Meeting May 22, 2012

279 Josh Silverman of Jericho Advisors Named to InnoVenture Presenter ListSince mid-2010, local SLOW MONEY chapters have emerged in dozens of locales across the country and now one is being formed in South Carolina.

Josh Silverman of Jericho Advisors is establishing the SC chapter of The Slow Money Alliance, the esteemed national organization.  May 22nd is the next meeting to be held in Charleston. calls Slow Money "one of the top five trends in finance." The movement supports small food enterprises and is about savvy investments with encouraging returns. The Alliance is devoted to the idea of flowing capital to small food enterprises around the state.  Slow Money makes good sense!

Please join us MAY 22, 2012 at 5:30 pm
JERICHO ADVISORS - 218 Saint Philip Street | Charleston, SC 29403
Phone: 843-276-6316

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the inaugural meeting of Slow Money SC!  Since then we have had an overwhelming response and interest in bringing Slow Money principles "to the fore" in South Carolina.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 22nd, at 5:30PM held at Jericho Advisors in downtown Charleston. Please come and bring a friend, as well as your thinking-caps as we'll be electing board members, going over the parameters of group investments, and getting you up-to-date on changes in the crowdfunding rules. If you have any ideas, input, or issues you'd like to hear at the May 22nd meeting, please email me at

MEMBERSHIP: Remember, membership is only a click away! Through the national Slow Money website, you can join for $50/year, and help to build Slow Money in our community. Since we're not an official chapter yet, let me know when you do join and I'll be sure the national group accounts for it properly so we can continue to build programs, lectures, and advocacy.

TECH UPDATE: Be sure to "like" our Facebook page and invite others to become part of the conversation. Slow Money SC is also now on Twitter! Yes, for all you who twitterpate, you can follow updates, articles, and other gems @SlowMoneySC.

The Slow Money Alliance is a national nonprofit organization bringing people together around a new conversation about money that is too fast, about finance that is disconnected from people and place, about how we can begin fixing our economy from the ground up... starting with food.

For more information on the Slow Money Alliance or Jericho Advisors, contact Sharon Bruner, 843-425-8451.

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