Bike safety committee pushes for more bike lanes

Image by Flickr user nicomachus

Charleston's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee was formed to advise Charleston City Council regarding bike safety issues--their first order of business? Pushing for more bike lanes.

At this point, the city is investigating ways to reserve a bike lane on the Ashley River Bridge, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation is planning on adding bike lanes on St. Andrews Boulevard.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley showed up at the committee's meeting to discuss his committment to making the T. Allen Legare Bridge safer for bicyclists. He also announced that he has been talking to the Department of Transportation about ways to make the James Island connector safer for cyclists, including the possiblity of putting poles between the emergency lane where bikers ride and the right lane.

The committee is also striving to educate bicyclists about safe bicking practices and encourages police ticketing those bikers that run red lights or ride on busy downtown sidewalks.

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