One dead, one injured in Mount Pleasant shooting (updated x2)

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Update April 2: Police have arrested two suspects in the slaying -- NBC News 2's video is likely your best bet to learn more.

The Post and Courier also has a report and notes that DNA evidence was used to make some of the connections.

Update March 12: Details are still scarce on what actually happened and why, but police have named the victim and, as of last night, are still searching for three suspects.

The Post and Courier has a solid write-up and ABC News 4 has a video.

As for this being rather unusual, The Post and Courier points out this is Mount Pleasant's first homicide since 2007.

First reporting: Rather unusual news for this part of town.

Live 5 News has a few details on the breaking story. We'll keep you posted.

Also keep an eye on the #chsnews channel on Twitter.

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