Mosquitoes to be plentiful for Labor Day

Image by Flickr user James JordanImage by 20080825mosquito.jpg Mosquitos: I hate them so.

Thanks to all the rain we had we can expect the plentiful supply of mosquitoes to continue through at least Labor Day next Monday on September 1.

ABC News 4 reports that the landing rate (the number of them that land on someone) is reaching 15 to 20 a minute in some back yards. Youch.

Maybe it's time we all went out and bought some mosquito-eating dragonflies. But, here are some more practical mosquito control tips.

Update August 26: ABC News 4 has lengthened their story, talking about the techniques used and areas targeted by Charleston County Mosquito Control.

Update August 27: ABC News 4 continues to own the topic by offering up some tips for mosquito control.

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