Charleston County eyes rental car fee to attract low-cost airline (updated)

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Update December 7:

After officials from Southwest Airlines deemed adding an additional 5% fee on rental cars unnecessary for their choice to enter the Charleston market, the Charleston County Council tabled the idea and hasn't touched it since.

Until now.

The fee has been added to the agenda for tonight's council meeting and Live 5 News reports that some wish to outright oppose the fee while other council members want to reenact the fee and use it as an incentive to bring another discount airline to the area.

We'll keep on-top of this developing story and have the details for you tomorrow.

First reporting:

Following up on news of state incentives, theĀ Charleston Regional Business Journal has the scoop on news that Charleston County Council is looking to add a 5% rental fee to generate funds to attract a low-cost airline to the Charleston airport.

And hopes are high that the attracted airline would be Southwest.

Get the story here.

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