Permanent Folly Beach alcohol ban gets closer to reality

Image by Flickr user oemebamo

Update 3: A third reading of the permanent ban is due to come before council on Friday — and the effects of the temporary ban on Labor Day are sure to weigh in.

For the ban: Routy crowds were not a problem this holiday.

Mixed: Alcohol was controlled, in large part thanks to a heavy police presence — one that could have arguably enforced previous rules and stopped the Fourth of July incident from having ever happend.

Against the ban: Reports of sales reciepts at Folly Beach stores were mixed, but Live 5 News reports that the crowds were lighter and that soured sales. 

Update 2: In a surprise split 4-3 vote, Folly Beach's council and mayor voted not to push for a public referendum, but to approve a permanent ban.

That ordinance would need to pass two more readings to pass.

The Post and Courier offers a nice report from the meeting. In related reading, we previously pointed out criticism of the thinking that Folly Beach's only two options are to ban or not ban alcohol on the beach.

Update: The third reading has been pushed back to August 14

The emergency alcohol ban has hit Folly Beach following outrage over a rowdy beach party that lead to the arrest of seven and the injuring of several police officers at a non-permitted July Fourth party.

But that ban is only a temporary "emergency" measure while town and council debate a more permanent measure, and tonight a measure that would put the ban on the November ballot is up for third reading tonight, July 24, at town council.

But that current measure would be non-binding and towners continue to pull on the idea in opposite directions, with some asking for more concrete alcohol-banning measures and others saying more narrowly focused control is needed. 

The Post and Courier has a solid report (paywall; read it here).

We'll be sure to keep you posted.