SC State Parks increasing fees due to funding cuts (Update)

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Update, May 29, 2012:  No need to panic.  A phone call to the Myrtle Beach State Park has revealed that this price hike was effective in January 2012 and there will be no further increase this year. 

If you're one of those who has a May or June renewal date and this information is news to you, have a look at this post from about whether or not the new price is worth it.  Spoiler alert - it is.

First report:  The state of South Carolina has pulled $8 million dollars in funding over the past decade or so from State Parks.

To make up for that loss in funding the State Parks have been forced to raise prices on their annual passports. As we reported earlier in the year, Governor Haley wants state parks to be making enough in fees and admissions to be self-sustaining by 2013. For the annual park passport the fee has jumped considerably. 

The increase in pricing might actually help the parks offer new ways to attract visitors, read the full story over at

Looks like our little April Fools Day joke might be a bit closer to becoming a reality

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