Republican leader calls out Nikki Haley for not addressing her moral character

Image by Zach Pippin

Ally of the Sanford family and former first vice chairman of the S.C. Republican Party and former chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party, Cyndi Mosteller has penned a column absolutely scathing of Republican gubentorial canidadte Nikki Haley.

While the column spends time on Haley's tax issues, the author mainly focuses on transparency and Haley's failure to address questions of her faithfulness to her husband

Mosteller says, in part, "Now what do We the People do? We respectfully and resolutely call for transparency. Mr. Folks, Mr. Marchant and Mrs. Haley should sign by sworn oath to the veracity of their respective public statements. Any additional mechanisms available to them for making the truth transparent should be employed without delay. And others who may have corroborating information one way or the other should have the courage to send it forward now."

Quite the political dustup, question is, will it actually make a difference in the public discourse?

Take a read of her piece over at The State.

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