Many drivers wouldn't pass written driving exam, poll says

Image by flickr user Kyle MayImage by drive.jpg Think you can keep up with driving rules and regulations? Apparently many Americans have slipped in that regard.

According to a poll by GMAC Insurance, about 33 million American drivers wouldn't be able to pass the written exam if they had to take it today. As you might imagine, the S.C. Highway Patrol responded without much surprise at this study.

From ABC News 4:

"That reassures why I go to work everyday to educate the public," said Lance Corporal Bob Beres.

We asked several Lowcountry drivers some of the questions off the test and like the rest of the country, some answered incorrectly when asked about yellow signals or how close is too close to follow.


"If everyone would stop at the stop sign instead of rolling through it, stop at the red lights, obey the speed limit, wear your seatbelt then obviously we'd have a lot less fatalities," (Beres) said.

If you'd like to freshen up your knowledge on rules of the road, the DMV has its drivers license manual available online.

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