South Carolina has a case of the dropsies

Flickr User: William Hook

It might be the laid back nature of the south, or a lack of caring, either way South Carolina has the dropsies when it comes to Apple's 'i' devices. 

Squaretrade, one of the nation's largest warranty companies recently released a study that revealed that South Carolina ranks in the top five states that likes to drop $500+ pieces of technology.


“At SquareTrade, we’ve found most devices fail due to drops and spills. iPhones and iPads are fragile devices and sometimes all it takes is small drop to shatter the screen,” said SquareTrade’s Ty Shay, whose company conducted the survey based on internal claim data.

The study found that South Carolina ranked number five, behind Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and North Dakota in iPhone accidents. And we are ranked number one when it comes to having iPad accidents. Making up the rest of the iPad list is Mississippi, Nebraska; Washington, DC (sure it's not really a state, but whatever), and Alaska.

Our suggestion? Don't let your very expensive phone or tablet go naked. Buy a case. 

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